Blood Like Tar

Okay, so… I desperately need EVERYONE to read this post. Please.

I am being utterly DESTROYED by medical bills right now.

I have a nasty infection in an estimated 30% of my torso that has the potential of turning into septicemia, an infection in the bloodstream, that would kill me. Fortunately, I do have insurance, but there was a month when it lapsed and—- lucky me—- I had to go to the emergency room. The bill for that was originally just under ten grand. I talked them into lowering it to just under one thousand, which is nice, but I can’t make the small monthly payments because I have absolutely ZERO dollars to my name. (I have been living off of a credit card, since being forced to quit my second and third job due to medical problems, so my paychecks constantly go to the card.) I can afford food, but just barely. My antibiotics are freakishly expensive. I take generics, 800 mg Augmentin, 800 mg Bactrim, and they want to put me on the maximum strength Erithromycin to kill off the infection, but they’re afraid that my body won’t react to it well… (You know, not being able to keep down food, being bound to the bed, and requiring damn near constant supervision.) It also means I would miss out on working, which I absolutely can NOT afford to do. Can’t have another insurance lapse. Needless to say, I can’t afford my antibiotics. I can’t even afford the damn copay right now, since I am so in over my head trying to pay for the necessities.

Enough of my babbling, though. You get it by now. I REALLY need help with my medical bills, doctor visits, testing, and antibiotics. I am about $2200 in the hole, at the least, to give you perspective. I have NO ONE that I can borrow money from in my city, and it’s not like I could even pay them back if I did. I was able to take care of myself just fine until this happened. I NEVER ask for money. All of my friends can vouch for that. This is the one time that I absolutely NEED help.

So I want to do commissions for donations. Sounds good? I have samples of line art and sketching above, and would be more than happy to draw something for you. Absolutely ANYTHING at all, no lines or limits. Anything helps, and I won’t set a donation minimum for this. Even a dollar, you know? The only rule is that I will draw for the value of the donation, so if it’s five dollars, you can expect a neat sketch. If it’s 30 or below, it will be a neat drawing. If it’s 80 or below, it will be VERY detailed, made into lineart, even colored if you want. (I’m better at drawing than coloring, but maybe we can work something out.)

Any more than that, and I will give you more than one piece. Speak with me beforehand and let me know how much you have donated and what you would like to see! I will be tracking donations and pumping out (art?) as quickly as I can. Most of what you see above isn’t finished, but know that I will finish yours and keep you updated on my progress.

Here is the donation link: Medical Fund

I don’t have that many followers, so to the few of you that see this… please, please spread this. Even if it’s only on your blog for ten minutes. I really need the help.

Thanks so much for reading. Take care.

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